Romantic tours – for a bride to Ukraine In Russia and in Ukraine there is an entire dating industry developed busy with delivering brides to British and American men who haven’t found love at home. For such clients there are special romantic tours through former soviet cities developed – a kind of ‘a dating safari’ where everything is aimed at making for a guest possible to get acquainted with as many women as possible. It is not a cheap affair, but it is everything easy for lonely gentlemen and they are ready to plank 2,3—7,6 thousand US dollars for such a tour.
Organizers promise to foreigners that they will practically always be in a company of "unspoiled young beauties who believe in family values". Men are passionately assured that ‘within 11 days they will meet more beautiful women than they could meet within five years'. They really ‘enter a paradise’, as there are as a rule 10 times many women than men and they are minimally twice younger. For such ‘clients’ there are special ‘romantic tours’ developed through Ukrainian cities – a kind of ‘a dating safari’ where everything is aimed at making possible for a guest to get acquainted with as many women as possible.
Usually in a course of such affairs 15-25 clients get acquainted with 150-250 women who often don't speak English so that interpreters help to communicate. For making a task easy everyone gets a piece of paper with a name on their cloths. During one day a man gets acquainted with five Ukrainian women at an average.
According to anonymous acknowledgments of purchasers of these tours and employees of foreign social services themselves, they are looking in Russian and Ukrainian women for ‘traditional wives, well-bred, ready to take care of their husband like a mother, exemplary housewives tied to their home and children’. ‘And what’s wrong with that?’ – say men opposing such a type of women to fellow-countrywomen for whom western civilization made a gift of equality and independence. ‘Soviet’ brides are not infected with all this feministic crap’, foreigners dreamingly think.
However, despite the high demands in the spirit of patriarchate, nearly all men without exclusion want a Ukrainian girl to be necessarily ‘sexy’. Judging by photos from some of such meetings, participants are often dressed so immodest that it is more similar to the so called ‘escort service’. Sometimes they have to stride in front of prospective husbands in a bikini.

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