International marriages are now a very usual phenomenon. However, a question ‘Why foreign men prefer Russian wives?’ is still actual. For most marriages are contracted between Russian ladies and men – citizens of foreign countries. Experts ensure that for this admirers have their own reasons. There is a definite variety of reasons why men from foreign countries don’t want to marry their fellow-countrywomen and prefer Russian women. It is connected firstly with their mentality. Abroad they come into official attitude much later than in Russia, building a carrier and enjoying freedom. And when times come to legalize relations far not every woman is ready to exchange her work for washing, cooking and ironing. And this is not the only reason.
Women abroad over the last years went the way of emancipation. That’s why they are self-reliant, beautiful and unapproachable. Furthermore, in the west the ideas of feminism are widespread that not every man is ready to resign himself to. The stronger sex needs as usual a strong and reliable family were he can relax and rest. Russian ladies’ minds are better set on family creation and house and home’s preserving than western ones’. Besides, Russian girls are more patient. They are ready to endure much that foreign women will not agree for. Sure, Russian women will probably tolerate a tyrant, but not for a long time. An end may come to their tolerance.

There are legends about the Russian women’s beauty. Naturally, a man would like to see by his side a beautiful, sleek woman who manages to work, take care of kids and home in addition. Such a mixture of qualities, as experts proved, is peculiar for women from Russia and Ukraine only. Western fiancés are not ready for such sacrifices.
A development of such a multifunctioning in a Russian woman is easily explained. In Russia there is a big quantity of infantile men who can’t live without a constant care. So the Slavic women are used to manage everything by themselves. Besides, girls from Russia are characterized by a special warm-heartedness and openness. Such a wife will always give an ear, support and advice.
An exactly such manner of communication in their home is what lacks with men within marriage with their fellow-countrywomen. Such Russian wifes are generous for compliments for their men. And this means that admirers near such wives always feel themselves strong, successful and sure in themselves. Psychologists assure: a man needs nothing else but to feel himself significant.
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