Last Sunday a parade of brides took place in Odessa. 50 married women were dressed in their wedding dresses went for a walk through the main streets of our city. This beautiful show attracted the attention of thousands of Odessa’s residents and visitors of Southern Palmyra. The charming brides posed for photographers, gave a delighted audience their smiles and kisses to their beloved husbands.
A parade of brides took place in our city for the seventh time and every year the quantity of the participants is getting bigger. This year, more than 400 ladies decided to participate says Larissa, the director of the one of the marriage agencies of Odessa. 50 finalists were selected by a sortition. The exceptions were pregnant girls and mothers with many children: they became participants of the parade without competition.
Another 10 brides joined the parade during the march. After their marriage registration at the Registry Office, the newlyweds joined the walk.

We would like to mention that this year the parade of brides was attended by not only the brides and from Odessa but also the ladies from Odessa’s region (Ilyichevsk, Southern), and also the young ladies from Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk. 10 pregnant ladies and 4 mothers with many children embellished a contest. Two of them have seven children.

The starting point of the procession was the Cathedral Square. The brides arrived in luxury limousines. Picking up flags and bouquets of flowers, they went for a walk along the central streets of the city. They visited Deribasovskaya, City Garden, stopped by the Opera Theatre, their pictures were taken by Primorskiy Boulevard , the Dumskaya Square and a Monument of Duke, and then went to the Vorontsov Palace.
Hundreds of residents of Odessa joined a parade; they enjoyed the beauty of Odessa’s brides. However, the husbands of the participants were following them also as well, they kept a sharp lookout for their wives: who knows, it is possible that smb. will start flirting with them or even kidnap?
A novelty of this parade was a dance of the brides near the colonnade. The girls were dancing to the song "A Love Will Save the World" of Vera Brezhneva. The girls picked that specific song because the main idea of the parade was to promote love and family values ​​- marriage and motherhood. For example, mothers with many children proved many Odessa’s women that the motherhood adorns a woman and that’s why many women should give a birth to many children